About CF Cigars

Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves and pure Dominican filler make the CF Dominicana brand mild to medium bodied and enjoyable for all at evey high-end event in Rhode Island.

Robustos are recommended for most events as the smoking time is approximately 30 minutes which is fine for aficionados and those experiencing premium cigars for the first time.


Cigars available below are 50 ring guage and best for events so the custom design on the cigar labels are easily legible.

Rhode Island and all of New England has a strong demographic of cigar smokes due to the upscale areas and neighboring Wndsor, CT which supplies the best wrapper tobacco in the world, the Connecticut Shade Wrapper leaf.

The light colored cigars below all use this premium leaf. Maduro is also an option for stronger palettes.


*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.

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